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Traditional Dishes

  • Bhuna
    £0.00 Choose Options Bhuna
    a combination of spices cooked together with capsicums, onions and fresh tomatoes to provide a dish of medium strength with a rich thick sauce
  • Curry
    £0.00 Choose Options Curry
    a medium consistency sauce with a rich flavour of medium strength
  • Dansak
    £0.00 Choose Options Dansak
    A medium sweet and sour dish achieved by the careful balance of lentils, selected spices and pineapple.
  • Dopiaza
    £0.00 Choose Options Dopiaza
    Abundance of grilled onions are added to the medium spiced thick sauce to create a very savoury dish tempered by a hint of herbs garnished with fried onions and tomatoes
  • Korma
    £0.00 Choose Options Korma
    this mild exotic dish is carefully prepared using fresh cream, ground almonds and coconut
  • Madras
    £0.00 Choose Options Madras
    Hot but not searing, contains interesting flavourings in the form of tomato and lemon juice, along with a certain amount of chilli
  • Malayan
    £0.00 Choose Options Malayan
    A mild dish prepared using fresh cream & mango with a hint of fresh cocunut
  • Pathia
    £0.00 Choose Options Pathia
    This dish is sweet, hot and sour all at the same time, cooked with shredded onions, tomatoes and spices in a thick sauce added with fresh lemon juice for a distinctive flavour
  • Rogon Josh
    £0.00 Choose Options Rogon Josh
    Originated in Kashmir at the time of the Moghul emperors. A medium strength sauce cooked in a colourful glaze of tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Delicately flavoured with aromatic whole spices
  • Sagg
    £0.00 Choose Options Sagg
    a medium spiced bhuna style dish with freshly chopped spinach leaves cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and coriander
  • Vindaloo
    £0.00 Choose Options Vindaloo
    a dish cooked with potato and copious amounts of spices and chillies combined to create a hot but tasty dish.

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