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  • Balti Dishes
    £5.75 Choose Options Balti Dishes
    This dish originates from the Punjab region. The main ingredients of a Balti are fresh onions, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cumin and fresh coriander with traditional balti herbs and spices. The Balti dish has...
  • Biriyani Dishes
    £5.75 Choose Options Biriyani Dishes
    pilau rice stir fried together with green pepper, tomatoes and coriander. Delicately spiced with saffron, served with a medium spiced mixed vegetable curry
  • Devdas
    £5.75 Choose Options Devdas
    marinated pieces of spring chicken and tender lamb barbecued in the tandoor then cooked together in a fairly hot sauce with fresh ginger, spring onions, green peppers, pickled chillies, fresh coriander and a touch of methi...
  • Karai Dishes
    £5.75 Choose Options Karai Dishes
    a truly majestic dish. The name of which is derived from the pot in which it
  • Shashlik Karai
    £5.75 Choose Options Shashlik Karai
    this dish is created by combining grilled tikka, capsicum, onions, tomatoes from the tandoor with fresh tamarind in a medium strength sauce. They are cooked together in the karai and is served sizzling.
  • Tikka Jalfrezi
    £5.75 Choose Options Tikka Jalfrezi
    a fairly hot dish cooked with garlic, ginger, fenugreek, grilled onions, green peppers and fresh green chillies
  • Tikka Massala
    £5.75 Choose Options Tikka Massala
    The Nations favourite dish. Mild and creamy full of delicate flavours including fresh coconut & almonds
  • Tikka Passanda
    £5.75 Choose Options Tikka Passanda
    This could be described as a "Royal" dish. It is spicy, but not hot, rich and creamy. Cooked using fresh cream and red wine with the addition of ground nuts to make it rather special.